Umar Kremlev

Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, First Vice-President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) and Member of the AIBA Executive Committee.

Make AIBA great

I have worked hard to restructure the Russian Boxing Federation (RBF) towards
a new vision for boxing

a vision oriented for the benefits of our boxers, our coaches, referees and judges, officials, medical staff and all the boxing stakeholders, effectively bringing important reforms to the organisation at all levels:

Reforming the selection our national teams

Reviewing the scouting system

Reviewing and improving our existing competitions

Bringing boxing to another level of entertainment

A new business approach aiming to attract new partners (sponsors, media)

A new culture to popularize boxing in our country as well as bringing boxing to schools

Taking care of boxing veterans and champions of the past years

Kremlev Umar

In November 2018

I was elected to the AIBA Executive Committee, in accordance with the will of the world boxing community’s representatives

Together, we marked the beginning of a global understanding of the way that AIBA should develop, outlining the main directions for subsequent work. On November 21, 2019, by the decision of the AIBA Executive Committee, I headed the AIBA Marketing Commission.

Under my leadership, the Marketing Commission successfully conducted a number of international events, such as continental forums for the National Federations of America, Oceania and Asia to restore communication among members. Continental forums in Africa and Europe will be organised after the end of the pandemic. In the future, we are planning to carry out even larger-scale marketing activities and attract new sponsors to AIBA.

Communication among members is crucial in AIBA. The development of our organisation should be done for and with our members.

Umar Kremlev


Since his election as Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation in February 2017, Kremlev managed to bring the federation to a qualitatively new level of development. In less than four years, his determination and dedication allowed the organization to grow into one of the most prominent sports federations in the country. This was largely due to a number of Kremlev’s innovative solutions and personal initiatives.

Kremlev was born on November 1st, 1982. His passion for boxing became evident early on when he started training in the city of Serpukhov, near Moscow, together with other prospects. He then graduated from Moscow State Academy of Public Utilities and Construction and until July 2017 ran Patriot Boxing Promotions, working closely with leading professional boxers such as Roy Jones Jr., Fedor Chudinov, Dmitry Chudinov and Mikhail Aloyan.

Umar Kremlev has made it his mission to develop boxing not only in Russia, but around the globe. Throughout his leadership of the Russian Boxing Federation, he participated actively in the organization of various international boxing tournaments, including the 2019 AIBA Men’s and Women’s World Championships, which were hosted by the cities of Ekaterinburg and Ulan-Ude in Russia.

In the summer of 2017, Russia held its Boxing Day for the first time, an initiative spearheaded by Kremlev. On February 8th, 2019, following a decision by the AIBA Executive Committee, Boxing Day was declared an international holiday and is now celebrated across all continents.

Kremlev also launched the Global Boxing Forum, which was first convened in early February 2018 in Sochi, Russia. It soon became a platform for an open dialogue between representatives of the world boxing community from more than 130 countries as well as heads of leading boxing organizations, athletes, Olympic champions, world champions and promoters.

At AIBA Extraordinary Executive Committee Meeting on November 21st, 2019, Umar Kremlev was nominated as Chairman of the AIBA Marketing Commission, whose main objectives are to attract new sponsors and to organize major events. One of the Commission’s key activities is running AIBA Continental Forums, which were successfully organized across the Americas, Oceania and Asia in 2020. The Forums created a unique opportunity to discuss the reforms adopted by AIBA and further development of National Federations in these three continents.

Given Umar Kremlev’s passion for boxing and proven track record, he is highly qualified to serve as President of AIBA. His personal and professional qualities as well as the accumulated experience of leading a boxing organization and successfully implementing several innovative projects provide Kremlev with the credentials to lead AIBA into a prosperous future.


Relying on the experience Umar Kremlev gained being Secretary General of Russian Boxing Federation, AIBA EC Member and EUBC Vice-President his presidential election Manifesto is based on 3 main directions in which AIBA should move to secure sustainability and stability.

Sports Development

We plan to

Implement Finance Reform by completely clearing AIBA's debts and attracting additional funding through AIBA’s commercial activities for the development of National Federations.

update boxing regulatory framework, including guidelines for hosting an AIBA event

run diverse AIBA tournaments and make them more inclusive by engaging boxers from different regions and

introduce a clear AIBA anti-doping policy.

Education and Technologies

We will focus on

Renewing courses for technical officials, referees and judges (R&Js hereinafter), coaches, cutmen and ringside doctors.

building and developing Boxing Academies on all the continents

setting up and maintaining websites and social media accounts of NFs and

forming Veterans Council, Champions Council and Coaches Council to give the chance to boxing officials, R&Js, coaches and boxers to share their valuable experience with the boxing community. AIBA is their home and they are the ones who have to manage it.


We aim to

Create an efficient governance system based on transparency and integrity

continue appointing and ensuring a proper functioning of AIBA Commissions and

convene Boxing Forums annually to establish two-way communication between AIBA and its members.

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